The following maker marks are found on period Kriegsmarine war badges produced between 1939-1945



As can be seen in various images of maker marks in this section, makers used their "LDO" (Leistungs Gemeinschaft der Deutscher Ordenshersteller, Administration of German orders Manufacturers) numbers to mark their badges

For a list of "LDO" click on the link, below

"LDO" numbers


It should be noted that manufacturers also produced the same badges without any maker marks - therefore, unmarked badges should not be dismissed as originals purely because they are devoid of any marks.






F.W Assmann & Söhne - Lüdenscheid


F W Assmann

Raised maker mark found on Minesweeper Badges



Funcke & Bruninghaus - Lüdenscheid. (F&BL)


Funcke Bruninghaus

So far, on KM Badges, only seen as the LDO Herstellermark, L/56. None noted yet with the F&BL initials.Found on, - U-Boat Badge, Marine Artillerie Badge and Minesweeper.



Roudolf Souval - Vienna.


Roudolf Souval of Vienna.

Contrary to what was a popularly held belief for many years, both angular and round forms of the letters were used on wartime products.

Souval manufactured - U-Boat Badge, Auxiliary Cruiser, Destroyer, High Seas Fleet, Minesweeper, 2nd Pattern E-Boat, Blockade Breaker, Marine Artillerie



Schwerin - Berlin

Schwerin came in a variety of styles.


Schwerin Berlin

The stamped version so far only seen on U-Boat Badges (often quite faint). The version Schwerin / Berlin 68 in relief, found on the Destroyer Badge and 1st pattern E-Boat



Ausf. Schwerin Berlin 68 in conjunction with Peekhaus designers mark


Ausf. Schwerin Berlin 68

Found on Second Pattern E-Boat



Ausf. Schwerin Berlin in conuunction with Adolf Bock designer mark


Ausf. Schwerin Berlin - Adolf Bock

Found on High Seas Fleet Badge.



Friedrich Orth - Vienna (F.O.)

Usually has an "underline" to the letters but this is fragile and will often have partially flaked away.


Friedrich Orth of Vienna

Found on U-Boat Badge, High Seas Fleet, Destroyer, Auxiliary Cruiser.



Wilhelm Hobacher - Vienna




B H Mayer - Pforzheim (L/18)


B H Mayer

So far found on U-Boat Badge, Destroyer and Minesweeper



Foerster & Barth - Pforzheim (L/21)


Foerster & Barth

So far found on U-Boat Badge, Destroyer Badge, Auxiliary Cruiser, Minesweeper, High Seas Fleet.



E.Ferd. Wiedmann - Frankfurt.


E.Ferd. Wiedmann

So far found on U-Boat, Minesweeper, Flak.



LM - attributed to Lind & Meyrer - Oberstein



So far found on Minesweeper



Paul Meybauer - Berlin (L/13)


Paul Meybauer

So far found on the U-Boat Badge.



Adolf Scholze or A D Schwerdt (A.S. Letters within a triangular border).


Adolf Scholze

So far found on 2nd Pattern E-Boat and Minesweeper.



Hymmen & Co - Lüdenscheid (L/53)


Hymmen & Co

So far found on U-Boat Badge and Destroyer Badge.



Gebrüder Wegerhoff - Lüdenscheid.





Rudolf Karneth - Gablonz


Rudolf Karneth



Friedrich Linden - Lüdenscheid


friedrich Linden



Richard Simm & Söhne - Gablonz



Usually found on High Seas Fleet & Minesweeper badges



C.E Juncker - Berlin SW


C E Juncker

A rare "C. E Juncker Berlin SW'" maker mark found on an Auxiliary Cruiser Badge




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